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Welcome to Dr. Nibbles, Fish Foot Spa
The Turkish Kangal Garra Rufa fish, also known as the ‘Doctor Fish’ and ‘Little Dermatologist’, has been used for centuries to aid sufferers of skin ailments and skin diseases such as Psoriasis and Eczema.

Naturally found in the warm rock pools of the Kangal region of Turkey, these special fish are extremely efficient in aiding the healing process of human skin by removing only the dead skin cells, thus allowing the natural healing process to take place. The process of using fish for such therapeutic reasons is more commonly known as Ichthyotherapy. What sets the Turkish Kangal Garra Rufa fish aside from all other Garra Rufa imitators and so called ‘healing fish’ is their natural release of the enzyme Dithranol which is said to be more beneficial in the healing process of human skin allowing faster rejuvenation of the epidermis than would normally be expected.

Hands, feet and even whole bodies can be submerged in to the spa tanks with the fish. Rather than shy away, the Kangal Garra Rufa’s natural instinct is to explore, locate and remove the affected areas and dead skin. The Kangal Garra Rufa fish do not have any teeth so do not bite or break the skin in any way. Instead, they use suction to nibble at and remove the dead skin whilst at the same time releasing their unique natural enzyme promoting quicker skin rejuvenation.

Studies have shown that sufferers of extreme skin conditions, such as psoriasis, have benefitted through prolonged exposure to the Kangal Garra Rufa fish and their healing tendencies. If needed, patients can bathe in a full body spa allowing the Kangal Garra Rufa to reach and ‘nurse’ entire affected areas rather than just limiting the therapy to hands and feet.


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