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Dr. Nibbles, Fish Foot Spa - What We Do
The foot is one of the most complicated structures in the human body yet it is often neglected & always taken for granted. Relax and pamper your feet in warm water & observe the Garra Rufa fish as they gently perform their work on your feet.

The fish lift away only the dead & hard skin on your feet. This alternative spa therapy is a natural form of exfoliation (exfoliation being a key part of most peoples beauty regimes) & relaxation that shows amazing results.

It is a totally unique experience your feet will never forget and is guaranteed to make you smile & maybe even giggle! The spa fish will help you to relax, always a great way to relieve stress & tensions! However be warned, this treatment is great fun, very addictive but best of all its effective!

Treat your feet to a fish foot spa at Dr. Nibbles Fish Foot Spa & experience this unique & revitalizing therapy.

Garra Rufa fish do not have any teeth so they will not bite!


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